Slots To Look Out For In 2021!

Sometimes we have to find ways to distract ourselves, sometimes we do that through a hobby, or perhaps video games or film? As we all know the year 2020 wasn’t one we all want to look back on, so why not start off the new year with a new shiny slot machine! That’s right, soon we’ll be seeing some rather interesting slot machines coming our way to brighten up the year to come. When it comes to slot machines most people can’t help but to love them, and why not? Maybe not all of them are perfect, (though no slot machine is perfect). So here are some of the best in the world of online gambling making their way to your living rooms in no order.

Book of King Arthur

Yes, you heard that right! Who doesn’t love the tale of the king of Camelot? I know I do. Microgames is bringing us the slot machine equivalent of King Arthur into the world of gambling. With this new shinny toy you can bet between $0.20 to $50. To add to the regular wager, there’s going to also be a boost option, which requires an extra fee per spin, as well as adding more wilds to the game. You can earn around a jackpot of 5,000×, sadly, making it comparable to 99% of the book-style slots on the web. As well as the RTP rate being at 96.10%, which is just a bit above your average slot. The features on this slot seem to be the usual, as the paylines are 10 a row, 5 reels, and no megaways, one of the only things notable is the fact it’s bringing the King Arthur theme to the world of online slot machines. On a more positive note, the look and feel still brings the user a fun and unique experience!

Apes of Wrath

I know what you’re all thinking, the name sounds like fun, where do I sign up? Well, this isn’t a video game, especially one to play with your kids, it’s better! Apes of Wrath is a rather colourful digital slot machine brought to use by iSoftbet. And it is probably as much fun as it looks. This slot has 20 lines, with 20 coins for you to use, and the bets will range somewhere between $0.20 and $20. Best of all, this slot looks to have super promising jackpots, the base games stakes will go up to 500× in payout, and those numbers can double. The number of lines can double to 40, and if it doubles by 40 that means that sweet jackpot can go up to 1,000×. We believe it will have a RPT of 96.01%, with a medium volatily. But with the RPT we’re not sure as of yet. The wild ape symbol is used as a replacement symbol, and can get you normal wins when other symbols combination requirements happen. Note the gorrila symbol is quite the interesting one too. The gorrila symbols appear stacked on the reel, and they can turn into the wild ape symbols, so watch out for that too.

Phoenix Coins

This is another slot machine based on the mighty Phoenix myth, which has been done a few times, but this one is sure to take the cake! This slot machine is also brought to you by Lighting Box, which is a bonus. In Phoenix Coins you can bet anywhere from $0.40 to $200, though, 40 coins are also reqiured for the rounds wager. We believe the RTP is going to be somewhere around 96.03, which is nice. There are two different type of wilds, first is the Fountain Wild, which will only be on reels 2,3, and 4, next is the Phoenix Wild, the Phoenix Wild only can be on the 5th reel, but it has many contributions, it can help stack your coins by 1× to 8×, also, best of all there’s plenty of free spins to be going around. And that’s around 3 free spins, which is very awesome.

Book of Cai Shen

Last but not least we have Book of Cai Shen, coming from iSoftbet, this Asian styled slot machine looks pretty fun and unique. This interesting slot machine has about 5 reels, lots of free spins, scatters, and wilds are included. On this machine, you can wager only a little, $0.10, which helps a lot in getting the game going. And on the high end you can bet up to $10. This slot also features Ultra betting, which here you can bet on 50 rounds at a time, this makes getting extra prizes to possible, this can make to stake go up to 1,000×. The RPT is at a 96% as well, making this a very interesting slot machine. This game will select a random symbol before you can start the free spins, that being 10 free spins, these are easy to trigger to, there’s also a way to change your symbols, and there is golden versions of these symbols. If a golden symbol should land on one of the three middle reels then the whole slot will transform into a golden slot, and you can earn even more from that. Slot machines have been around for a long time, but especially for the time being, new slots are important as the old ones die out, and I think these one’s will especially be hits.