Make the Most of Online Casinos for Slots

Playing slots online is a big part of the casino experience for most people, and if you have a lot of fun and make a little money as well… nothing wrong with that. But how do you make the most of online casinos for slots? Here are a few ideas:

#1. Take advantage of minimum deposit bonuses

Minimum deposit bonuses are bonuses that you can make the most of by trying out a casino with little deposit needed. Typically they are small, perhaps $10 or so, or they provide a few free spins on a certain slot game for your casino deposit bonus. Don’t expect massive returns from these but they are a great way to see what a casino is like, play a few games and get a feel for it before depositing more.

#2. Check out the competition to find out the best bonuses

Online casinos need to continually find new players because online gamblers are a fickle bunch. It doesn’t take much to tip one online casino in place of another. Our advice when checking up bonuses is to pay attention to those casinos that offer a 2nd, 3rd or more deposit bonuses. Any old casino can offer an initial bonus, but you are looking for casinos that offer consistent bonuses.

#3. Look for casinos with fast payouts and multiple deposit methods

The most important thing to spend time on is to evaluate a casino’s reputation, and you can do that best by analyzing how many ways they allow for deposit options and how quickly they payout. Realize that if an online casino only provides one or two methods of deposit payments and has a tendency to hold your winnings for a week or more, they may not be reputable. Concerning deposits, if many of the most popular methods such as credit cards and E-wallets are blocked, it could be because legitimate payment processors want nothing to do with them. As to payouts, first, read the fine details on the casino’s website as to how long it typically takes to receive a deposit. Up to 2 days is acceptable. A week to 10 days is not. Don’t just follow the casino’s website. Also, read half a dozen review sites. While most online casinos are legit, you may discover some shocking things about a particular casino if the same store appears among several review sites as to problems experienced by gamblers casinos for slots

#4. Pay attention to who licenses an online casino

Casinos can be self-licensed, licensed at places like Costa Rica and Panama who give out licenses to anybody that will pay the licensing fee, or totally legit like casinos that are licensed in Malta of the UK. Malta and the UK are totally legit licenses. Many others are questionable. Naturally never play at a casino that self licenses.

#5. Look for an eCongra seal

eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance is a London based group that gives its seal to totally legitimate casinos willing to go through their auditing process. Not only is a slot casino totally legit if it has an eCongra seal, but eCongra is appointed as the alternate dispute resolution service for all Malta and UK casinos. This means in short, that you have a fair chance of resolving a dispute with any casino that has an eCongra seal. In addition, eCongra audits a number of slot machines at an online casino to ensure that everything is completely honest and legit.

#6. Know which slots are worth playing for your style of play

This one is critical but it assumes first of all that you analyze your intentions in gambling on the slots, to begin with. There are two types of slot players, those who’s intentions are to win a lot of money, perhaps those whose goal is to win $1,000 or more on a single gambling session, and may be willing to risk $100 or $200 in gambling to obtain that goal. The other type of slot player is content to win perhaps $25 to $50 at most and they are very careful about how they spend their hard-earned money. Both are welcome at online casinos but need to play different types of machines. The key is in playing the right machine for your style of play, and this is not as many casinos tout, the Return to player number.

online slots

Online casinos are very proud to advertise a Return to player rate of 96 per cent or higher. But the return to player rate, only tells you what per cent of the slots the house will keep as an edge. It doesn’t tell you how that return to players is distributed. The important word here in slots is variance. A machine can have a very high return to player rate of 96 per cent, but a particular slot machine is called a high variance machine, meaning that there are very few payouts for the average player but rather large payouts for a few lucky customers. Slot players hoping to win it big should be looking for high variance slot machines. However, if you are just a casual player, on a budget and hoping to make a few dollars, you want to be playing low variance slot machines. But how do you find the right slot machine for you? Before playing any machine, do a Google search for the name of the machine, plus the words review. Review sites are your friend, because not only will they tell you a lot about the slot game, but most review sites will tell you if the slot machine is a high or low variance machine. This is information that you will not find on the casino’s website.

#9. Play for free first

The vast majority of slot sites will let you play for free on almost every slot in the house. Take advantage of this, as 20 or 30 “trial spins” will tell you if this is a game you truly enjoy or not. Don’t waste your money experimenting to find the right slot or slots for you.

The bottom line

Most casinos won’t provide you with these tips. You will only find them on sites that have you, the ordinary online gambler’s best interest in mind. Use them all to maximise your slot enjoyment.