Online Slots

Different Types Of Online Slots

We all are well aware of the clinging sounds of slots in a Casino, but there is more to slots, a new variety of slots are on the shelf. The thing about online slots is that they are computer programmed and can be designed in any way to provide an unprecedented experience to the player. Emerged in recent years, there is a wide range of online slots, that offer casino slot services at the click of your keyboard. The goal is simple, spin the slot machine and win. Online slot machines form an important element of an internet Casino and are usually categorized into different variations and types. The purpose of playing is to get the three symbols in a pay line.


Reel slots:

The purpose of this game is simple, not different from that of a traditional one, Spin, wait and win. Just match the symbols, get the coin, decide your bet and Spin. If you get three or more similar symbols in a row, you get to take the bet home, if you fail, you can try again. These come in three reels with 1-5 Pay lines.

Progressive slots:

These progressive slots are slots that are interlinked with each other. Usually, they come in three to five reels and a Jackpot. The unique part about the jackpot is that it keeps increasing as long as people keep betting. Every time you place a bet, an amount from your bet is added to the jackpot and in this way, the jackpot keeps increasing.

Video slots:

There are a hundred pay lines in this game with five reels. After having chosen the size and quantity of your coins, just click on SPIN. If you won, the position of the wheel will let you know how you have won. There are more than a hundred ways you can win this game. With a little hope and beginner’s luck, you can always trust your stars. All you got to do is click.


Fruit machines:

These are the version of earlier Fruit slots. Collect the combination on a single pay line and you win. Just like the old mechanical fruit slots, the online version is not that complicated.


Mega spin slots:

These slots use more than 45 reels. When the bet amount is chosen and the player starts the game, these reels spin at the same time. The player can play up to 3-9 games at a time, increasing his chances of winning.

Standalone progressive jackpot:

This type of jackpot is won can be won on a single slot only. The amount is usually higher and worth the time and try.

3D slots:

In the last two years, 3D slots are getting introduced. They provide a realistic and entertaining experience to the player. The game is designed in such a way that it attracts the player. First, an introduction video is played to introduce the game, then he starts to play. Cinematic shots help him to dive into the story. Companies are competing to take over the product and avail their customers the best of 3D machines.

Free slots:

These kinds of slots offer a free ride. If you are interested, you get a free to play ride. And if that checks out, nothing can stop you from playing in real.

Virtual reality:

You can find various online casinos using VR technology, not in slots but also other activities of an online casino. Virtual reality just adds to the beauty and experience.

Mobile slots:

You can now have the experience of a slot machine under your fingertips. These specially designed slots are meant to be operated by mobile phones reaching to you no matter where.


Nothing can be termed as a top casino slot as everything has a place in the industry as well as for the player. Tastes differ and so do the choices. With the advent of the internet and its wide usage, online casinos are booming. The slot machines are a long way from getting stuck and creating noises, you can be having a coffee and playing on a slot machine. That’s what online slot machines are for, watch your favorite Tv series and at the same time, play a fruit slot. No matter, what your choice is, online slot machines have you covered.